Our Guarantee

Our working/show/breeding quality pups are sold with a guarantee to be free from serious infectious diseases, genetic and congenital defects.  If a puppy acquires a life-threatening infectious disease such as parvo within the incubation period after leaving the Birt kennel, and the sickness can be traced to our kennel within a reasonable likelihood, a replacement pup of comparable value and the buyer’s choice will be offered as soon as one becomes available.  The buyer is encouraged to have their puppy vet-checked (including a fecal test for intestinal parasites) within 48 hours.  The seller MUST receive the vet report for replacement guarantee to be in effect.  The genetic defects included under the replacement guarantee are crossed eyes, entropion or ectropion eyelids, hip dysplasia (defined as a failure of PennHip D.I. higher than the median score, CERTIFICATION REQUIRED, x-ray done between the ages of 1 and 3 years of age, hypothyroidism, generalized demodectic mange, deafness, congenital heart problems, and epilepsy.  Other problems will be dealt with as they arise, but our general policy is that if both our and your vets consider the defect to be serious and heritable, we will replace it.  As many of the above problems can be caused or complicated by environmental conditions, we encourage owners to avoid highly strenuous activity with their dogs before the age of 15 months, as well as keep them in lean condition and on soft surfaces.  If a problem develops anyway, Birt’s American Bulldogs requests written proof and x-ray from your vet, certification of spaying or neutering, and we will ship out a similar quality replacement pup of your choice as soon as one becomes available.  Shipping and spaying/neutering costs are the responsibility of the owner, not Birt’s American Bulldogs.  This guarantee is void if the dog has been bred, so please have your dog thoroughly examined and PennHip x-rayed prior to breeding.

I have read and fully understand the guarantee offered, and agree to the above terms and responsibilities as evidenced by purchasing an American Bulldog from Birt’s American Bulldogs.

I will be a responsible dog owner of the AB breed and will not indemnify or hold Birt’s American Bulldogs or Chuck and/or Arlene Birt responsible for my dog’s actions.

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